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About Life, Love, Intimacy, and Relationships

This is a locally available service.

True Talk sessions are group conversation sessions for adults.

A minimum of 6, and an absolute maximum of 15 people.

Duration: 2 hours, offering every participant the opportunity to ask questions, discuss topics, and share experiences. 


1. Buy one of my 10 Affirmations Workbooks: Afl. 35,00.

2. Sign a confidentiality agreement and disclaimer.

I'm completely open about the location, provided it is suitable and appropriate for the session. I'm also o.k. with dress codes and any idea that you might have regarding the purpose of the TrueTalk session, f.e. special celebrations (bachelorette, divorce party, birthday, Valentine's Day, Women's Day, or any other meaningful day).

Let's talk about your idea and let's make it happen!

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