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About Life, Love, Intimacy, and Relationships

(This is a locally available service)

Unlock True Connection with TrueTalk! 

Have you ever wished you could ask all those burning questions without the fear of judgment? Now you can!

TrueTalk is your safe space to drop your anonymous questions into the bowl and let our expert relationship coach unravel the mysteries.

 How does it work?

 Write down your questions on the provided cards.

 Drop them into the TrueTalk bowl.

Watch as our experienced relationship coach delves into each of the questions, offering insightful guidance and sparking meaningful conversations.

Why TrueTalk?


Feel free to ask and express yourself without fear or hesitation. 


Expert Guidance:

Our certified relationship coach navigates the questions, as participants are free to react to her answers, providing valuable insights. 



Bond with others through open and honest conversations. 

Private TrueTalk sessions are available for private events, parties, and team-building activities!

TrueTalk is a versatile session that can be tailored to (the) topic(s) of your choice. 

Gather your friends, partners, or even colleagues for a deeply insightful and bonding session!

Book your TrueTalk session now and let the transformative conversations begin!

Don't miss the chance to deepen your connections and foster genuine understanding.

True Talk Session Requirements:

Adults (18+)

A minimum of 8, and an absolute maximum of 12 people per session.

Pre-paid facilitation fee of Afl. 65,00 per participant

(includes f & b* and your choice of one of my Daily Affirmations Workbooks)

Duration: 3 hours

Please note, that DSMATCH member discount is not applicable for private TrueTalk sessions.

*If the host decides to relocate the session outside of DS Office, I will not be able to provide f&b.

In that case, the price will be reduced to Afl. 50,00 per participant and the host will be in charge of f&b.

I'm completely open about an alternative location, provided it is suitable and appropriate for the session.

I'm also o.k. with dress codes and any idea that you might have regarding the purpose of the TrueTalk session, f.e. special celebrations (bachelorette, divorce party, birthday, Valentine's Day, Women's Day, or any other meaningful day).

Let's talk about your idea and let's make it happen!

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