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The approval of the content of the rules is step 1 of the DSMATCH procedure.

We advise you to take your time to read and reply to the e-mail with "Approved", which will mean that you understand and approve all the rules. Your approval is required for participation.


Your yearly membership fee of Afl. 100 (non-refundable, regardless of any lack of result or negative result) entitles you to remain in the DSMATCH dating pool for one year. It covers the continuous work of the matchmaker (Desiree Swaen) of comparing your profile with the profiles of existing participants and new participants who continuously enter the dating pool.

This membership offers you:

  1.  The chance of finding a compatible potential life partner


2.  20% discount on select  group and personal session fees throughout the validity of the membership


After both the approval of the rules and the payment of the membership fee are received, you will receive a link to fill in a confidential online matching questionnaire. You must also send a picture of your face and a full body picture by separate e-mail. Your answers are destined for the matchmaker to make an assessment. The questionnaire will not be disclosed to potential matches. In the questionnaire, you will find the options of showing your pictures to the potential match and viewing pictures of the potential match.

After the questionnaire is received, the matchmaker will meet with you by arranged video call to confirm that you're a real person and to ask further questions, if necessary.

You will be contacted when the matchmaker finds a potential match.

When a match is found you have two options:



If the matchmaker finds a potential match and you both agree to meet, we will proceed with the matching session. Your fee for the matching session will be Afl. 125 and is non-refundable regardless of the result of the matching session. The matching session can be held in person at the DS Office if both parties agree to meet in person.

If this is not the case, the matching session will be held online via Zoom.

More details about the matching session will be provided when you apply for DSMATCH.



You may also opt for a date set-up instead of a matching session. In that case, the other person must also have agreed to this by questionnaire. Your fee for the service of contact disclosure and date set-up will be Afl. 65.

This fee is non-refundable regardless of the result of the date.

More details about the option of (blind) date setup will be provided when you apply for DSMATCH.


You are free to exit the dating pool anytime during the term, just send an e-mail to the matchmaker, 

no questions asked.

Renewal is not automatic. If you're still in the dating pool at the end of the one-year term,  the matchmaker will contact you with the option of renewing your membership.


Before you make the payment for your annual membership and receive your questionnaire, you must also approve a disclaimer and a confidentiality agreement. Without your approval, you cannot participate in DSMATCH.

Disclaimer and Confidentiality agreement will be presented to you when you apply for DSMATCH.


Keep in mind that dating is always a risk and that the matchmaker's assessment, based on your submitted answers and the answers submitted by other members, only serves as a suggestion. The decision to explore further, and the consequences thereof, are your responsibility. Always be aware of the potential dangers of meeting someone you don’t know.

If you have questions or wish to sign up for DSMATCH, contact the matchmaker:


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