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What people are saying

Desi is an exceptional person and coach who has had the courage and faith to do the sacred work of therapy and individuation herself so that she knows from inside what she is helping others with. Her self-honesty and devotion to self-work put her in a very small but specific tribe which sees self-work as the most important thing for growth and self-realization. I have learned just as much from Desi as she hopefully from me. She is now helping many individuals and couples find their way and I want to highly recommend her."

"My experience was really good. When I started the sessions, I didn’t really know what to expect. I just knew that I was feeling down, stressed and overwhelmed. My husband and life partner of 10 years had just left, without a warning and I did not know how to handle it. The sessions helped me sort my feelings. It helped to talk about the situation to somebody who understood. After each session, I felt better, like a weight was lifted from my shoulder. The sessions also made me realize that my husband did not leave out of the blue, but that something had been going on that I chose to ignore. I learned that I cannot change how somebody else feels or that I can not make somebody do something. I can only change myself and the way that I react. And by learning that, and changing me, I got a different response from my husband. So much so, that after 6 months he came back home."

M.M.- 2020

"So professional, does not tell you what you wanna hear, but what you need to know or hear. Talking to someone neutral and experienced helps a lot by making you see things from another perspective."

R. Oduber - 2020

"I loved speaking to Desiree! During the first minute, we already created a connection. Desiree gives a very welcoming feeling. It also feels like it comes from a genuine place. Before I booked my coaching session, I had been struggling with doubts about the idea I had, which was my course “Mindset Reset”. But after I spoke to Desiree, I had a clear idea of what I had to do to make that vision come alive. And now, not only have I made the course a reality, but I am also busy with my 8th group of Mindset Reset. I am grateful that Desiree not only guided me but also believed in my idea!"

"During the coaching sessions my coach made me feel safe, she has an open attitude which helped me feel heard, seen and my challenges were honored. During the coaching session we talked about what was bothering me at that specific moment, she asked questions and gave tips that made me reflect on my choices and other people’s behavior to the matter we were discussing and how this influenced my life and what I could do.

During the other sessions she followed up on the challenges that we had talked about earlier and this made me feel like she genuinely cares. These coaching sessions made me see my path clearer, give me the push I need from time to time to dare to take the leap of faith but mostly to discover more and the reassurance of my true potential. I would definitely recommend DS Love Coach".

M.W. - 2021

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