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Are you seriously looking for a life partner?

Are you tired of wasting valuable time on purposeless dating?

How great would it be to be able to make an assessment before deciding if a first date is worth it?

Would you like to meet a prospective match?

Use the form below or contact to request your free questionnaire. Fill out this questionnaire completely, so I can get a detailed view of you as a person and your expectations when it comes to your choice of life partner.

The more information you provide, the better I will be able to compare and assess if someone might be a good match.

Once your information is submitted to me you will be in the dating pool, which means that your information will be kept on file and you will be contacted when a possible match contacts me. You may remain in the dating pool for as long as you like.

You are free to exit the dating pool anytime, just send a message, no questions asked.

If I find a potential match and the potential match agrees to meet you, we will proceed with the Matching Session (1.5-hrs, Afl.125 per person, NON-REFUNDABLE REGARDLESS OF THE RESULT OF THE MATCHING SESSION).

During the matching session, I will facilitate the conversation by asking a series of questions that will enable you to assess compatibility.

After the matching session, you will decide if you wish to exchange contact info and proceed with a first date (you’ll have 5 days to think about it).

Always keep in mind that dating is a risk and that my assessment only serves as a suggestion, upon which you may decide to explore or not to explore further. The decision and consequences thereof, are yours. Always be aware of the danger of meeting someone you don’t know very well.

Thanks for submitting!

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