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I believe that relationships are the foundation of a fulfilling life

My personalized relationship coaching services are based on the transformational integrative coaching system I designed, which is focused, not only on challenging the habits and beliefs that are impeding growth but aimed, at a much deeper level, at uncovering your true self.

This system is a fluid fusion of traditional coaching and counseling principles, designed to empower individuals, monogamous and polyamorous partners to navigate the complexities of human connections with confidence, compassion, and understanding.

I serve people from all genders, orientations, beliefs, cultures, and ethnicities.

Whether you're seeking to enhance your meaningful friendships, strengthen family bonds, explore the dating world, or navigate the challenges of marriage or partnership, I'm here to guide you every step of the way.


Discover the Benefits of Relationship Coaching:


Your relationship with yourself sets the foundation for how you interact with others, impacting your ability to form healthy connections and communicate effectively. Self-relationship coaching helps you reconcile the seemingly incompatible parts of yourself.  By working on your self-awareness, you will automatically improve the quality of your relationships and how you treat others.

Dating and Casual Relationships

Navigating the dating world can be overwhelming.

I provide guidance on healthy dating practices, using your intuition, setting boundaries, and enjoying casual relationships while staying true to yourself.

Monogamous, and Open Relationships

Whether you're in a monogamous or open relationship, I can help you navigate the unique challenges each dynamic presents, fostering trust, understanding, and respect.


Communication Skills and Conflict Management

Effective communication is the foundation of any successful relationship. My coaching equips you with essential communication and conflict-resolution skills, enhancing harmony and connection.


Attachments and Co-Dependency

I help you recognize unhealthy attachment patterns and overcome co-dependency, ensuring your relationships are built on mutual growth rather than unhealthy dynamics.

Intimacy and Sexuality*

I offer a safe space to explore your intimate needs and desires, fostering a deeper physical and emotional connection with yourself and your partner.

*For more information, visit the Intima-C page on this site.

Infidelity Recovery

Overcoming infidelity is challenging but possible.

I provide support, guidance, and tools on your journey to heal and rebuild trust after a breach of fidelity.

Pre-Marriage, Marriage, and Committed Relationships

Prepare for a strong and lasting marriage with my pre-marriage coaching service.

For those already married or in a committed relationship, I offer guidance to keep the spark alive and navigate the evolving journey of long-term relationships.

New Parents

The arrival of a child can strain even the strongest relationships.

I know that both from personal experience and client experience.

I help new parents adapt, communicate, and continue nurturing their partnership amidst the demands of parenthood.

Handling Separation and Divorce

When separation or divorce is the best option, I offer guidance to navigate this transition peacefully, respectfully, and gracefully, minimizing emotional distress and fostering a healthy new chapter.

Coping with Partner Addiction, Anger, Accident, or Illness

Life's challenges can strain even the strongest relationships.

My coaching provides a supportive space for couples to navigate addiction, anger, accidents, illness, and other hardships together.


Grief and Bereavement

Grief and bereavement coaching offers compassionate guidance and support to individuals navigating the challenging process of coping with loss, helping them find healing and a path forward.

Loss includes the people you love, but also pets, jobs, and prized possessions.

Separation and Divorce Recovery

After a separation or divorce, I will guide you in rebuilding your life and redefining your identity.

It is very important to work on healing from a past relationship before getting ready to date.

This service helps foster a positive outlook on new beginnings. 

Spirituality and Relationships

A spiritual awakening may impact you in many ways you may not immediately understand. It may also affect your relationships, especially if you are growing along a spiritual line but your partner is not willing to follow or not ready yet. Family relationships and friendships may also change when one grows spiritually and in awareness and consciousness. I will guide you and your loved ones to navigate this journey with clarity, serenity, and grace.


​Invest in Your Relationships

Enhance the quality of your connections and experience the transformative power of my relationship coaching services.

I provide personalized guidance, practical tools, and a nonjudgmental environment to foster growth and transformation.

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