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These deep coaching sessions are in-office sessions and are only available to Aruba residents until further notice.

These 2-in-1 sessions will offer you new insight and valuable tools to keep re-applying on your life journey. 

In the first hour, you will get all the information you need about the specified topic, in a nutshell, followed by a chance for Q&A

In the next hour, we will dive deeper into the topic, as we apply this information to your specific situation by answering a series of coaching questions.

Scroll down to view the topics. 

You may also want to opt for a private session for your guests (min 4, max 8 persons per session)

Are you ready to work with me?

Visit the coaching and service fees page for pricing info.

Click on one of the 'Schedule a Session' button below to schedule your session.





This topic is helpful if you have gone through or are going through an episode of ghosting and want to know why it affected you or is affecting you so deeply and the options you have to help yourself deal with it and move on.

This topic is helpful if you’re experiencing a narcissistic abusive relationship and want to understand narcissism, understand yourself, recover from a narcissistic abusive relationship, or get tools to cope with the situation while not being willing or able to get out (yet).




This topic is helpful if you have experienced infidelity or are experiencing one and want to understand why it happens and analyze the complete situation before making a decision whether to forgive or not.

Please note, that this session focuses on the personal impact of infidelity and does not include infidelity recovery tools for couples. We do offer infidelity recovery coaching for couples as a separate session. 


This topic is helpful if you are considering the option of an open relationship and want to know about the different types of relationships and the possible complications you might face before addressing this issue with your partner or if you and your partner are considering an open relationship and want to know everything you need to know before taking the step.

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