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My name is Desiree Swaen, owner of DS Love Coach Relationship & Life Coaching and DS Love and Life Products and Services.

I am an author, Certified Loveologist®, Life, Relationship, Intimacy, Bereavement, and Spiritual Coach who is passionate about following my calling and uplifting the people around me. On a mission to help wounded hearts and lovestruck souls under the name DS Love Coach, I bring my unique background as a former divorce lawyer to provide emotional support, guidance, and coaching to clients from diverse backgrounds.

Before becoming a professional coach, I earned my master’s degree in Aruban law in 1997 and worked as a lawyer for a decade. I then retired from law practice and became an independent legal counsel until 2016. Throughout my career, I was struck by how many divorcees I met who never wanted to get a divorce, but couldn’t see another solution. I now aim to provide my clients with professional coaching to overcome their relationship challenges and rediscover the meaning of love.

I am a local blogger for my own DS LoveTalk Blog, as well as the columnist of the love section of Aruba’s Xclusivo online magazine. I currently reside on the island of Aruba with my supportive husband and my wonderful two teenage children.

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