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Explore Vibrational Healing with Sonic Aura
A complete sensory experience !

In the realm of alternative and holistic healing, many practices have emerged that promise to nourish the body, mind, and soul.

Sonic Aura is focused on vibrational healing, a fascinating field that incorporates sound healing with various energy healing modalities.

About Our Therapist

There is another side to Desiree Swaen you may not know about.
We are happy to introduce her as our vibrational healing therapist and vibrational health coach.
Desiree has dedicated her life and career to helping others find solutions, balance, harmony, and peace in their daily lives, through personal and legal advice, coaching, and energy healing practices.
Besides her intuitive knowledge, she is also a Certified Crystal Healing Professional Practitioner (2005).
In 2015 she was initiated in the First Degree of the Usui System of Reiki Healing.
Her accomplishments include Certified Spiritual Coach (2018) Certified Tantra Teacher (2019) and Certified Holistic Health & Wellness Coach (2023), with additional training in Sound Therapy, Color Healing, and Quantum Healing (2023). Her most recent achievement:
Transformational Psycho-Spiritual Manifestor (2023), is a valuable addition to her unique vibrational alignment techniques. Her diverse abilities complement each other, providing a comprehensive energy healing experience for our clients.

Sound Healing and Biofield Sound Therapy

Sound healing and Biofield Sound Therapy are Desiree's primary passions. Sound healing is a practice that involves using sound vibrations and musical tunes to improve health and well-being. It is based on the understanding that all forms of matter, including our body cells, vibrate at different frequencies. Focused sound waves interact with our body's vibration to stimulate healing and promote wellness.
Biofield sound therapy is based on the concept that our body’s energy field contains information about our physical, mental, and emotional health. Biofield Sound Therapy is a method that includes using tuning forks to sense blockages and provide targeted healing.

Chakra Resonance and Vibrational Alignment

Chakra resonance and vibrational alignment are two more of the unique healing modalities that we offer.
The term 'chakras' refers to the various energy centers in our body, each of which corresponds to specific physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects. Chakra Resonance involves using sound vibrations to stimulate these energy centers, promoting balance and wellness.
Vibrational Alignment, meanwhile, refers to the process of aligning one's vibrations with the highest frequencies of the universe for improved health, happiness, and prosperity. This transformative therapy is a fundamental part of The Wave Program which includes vibrational alignment coaching plus all our sound healing services.
Desiree's deep understanding of all these techniques allows her to create a personalized healing path for each client, taking into account their unique needs and circumstances. Her sound therapies include aromatherapy, color visuals, and comfortable seating, finished with warm, fragrant tea to soothe the senses. Be prepared for a complete sensory experience, designed to promote overall health and well-being.

Come Check It Out!

Sound healing services are offered at the DS Office in Oranjestad - Aruba. 
We use the same schedule for coaching and therapy sessions, visit the coaching schedule page for more information.

Sessions and Fees

Anahata Love Session
Afl. 100

Chakra Resonance Session
Afl. 100

Crystal Vibrance Session

Tantric Soul Session
Afl. 100

Sonic Bliss
Sound Bath Session
Afl. 125

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