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In this fast-paced world we live in, balancing both a thriving career and a fulfilling romantic and family relationship can be quite the challenge. But fear not, because I'm here to guide and support all you incredible power couples out there.

I've always been passionate about nurturing relationships and fostering personal growth. With a background in relationship coaching and a career as a former lawyer-married-to-lawyer and creative entrepreneur, I've experienced firsthand the many struggles that dual-career couples face.

But guess what? These challenges are also opportunities for growth, connection, and success!


What's My Mission?

My mission as a Dual-Career Couples Coach is to empower you and your partner to navigate the complexities of managing your professional lives while keeping the flame of your love alive and maintaining a healthy family dynamic. From effective communication strategies to time management tips, we'll work together to create a personalized system that helps you both thrive individually and as a dynamic duo.

What Can You Expect?

Personalized Couples Coaching

Tailored programs that address all your goals and obstacles.

Practical Tools

Proven techniques to enhance communication, resolve conflicts, and set joint goals.

Work-Life Harmony

Strategies for achieving that elusive balance between your career ambitions and personal relationships.

Unwavering Support

I'll be your confidant, and guide throughout your transformative journey.

Not just for couples!

Are you a career-driven partner who feels that your responsibilities are causing stress in your relationships?

Feel free to visit me for a session to find out what you can do to create more harmony between your career and relationships.


My customized coaching programs for dual-career couples are designed to suit your individual and shared requirements. The program duration is determined by the complexity of your situation, the number of goals, and the estimated timeframe for their achievement. Your fee covers weekly goal tracking, assignments, and supplementary materials. As a reward for your commitment and advance payment, you'll also get email and/or app support between sessions. 

Let's join forces and embark on this incredible adventure together.

Send me a message to request a complimentary discovery call if you need to discuss your options with me.

And be sure to follow my LinkedIn profile to stay tuned for more valuable insights, tips, and inspiring stories.

Here's to thriving careers, unbreakable bonds, and a future filled with love and accomplishment!


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